Saturday, July 4, 2009


Vanessa Lewis from the videogame Virtua Fighter. Vanessa Lewis is a European security guard, who was adopted by a man who led her into a profession that would eventually lead her to be somewhat of a Bodyguard. She is featured in Virtua Fighter’s 4th of the series as the first Female Black character.

Villeta Nu from the anime Code Geass. Villetta Nu, 26 years old (27 at R2), is a dark skinned elite Knightmare Frame pilot and subordinate of Jeremiah Gottwald, though she is more collected than Jeremiah in battle. She is not of noble blood, but supports Jeremiah and the Purist Faction in the hopes that it would earn her a real title of nobility. As a Knightmare Frame pilot, she holds the rank of Knight, but this title of nobility only lasts for a single generation. Jeremiah had hoped to bestow her the title of Baroness so that her descendants would retain her noble rank.