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Banba from the anime Burn-Up!. Banba is a black male police officer of the precinct that is after Samuel McCoy. He is a dedicated officer, and an ace marksman whose accurate shooting skills prevent the criminal Samuel McCoy from escaping his own mansion during the police siege. He is intelligent, relays facts accurately and with careful research. He is partnered with fellow police officer Kenji, and acts towards his job with discipline and professionalism.

Barret Wallece from the videogame series Final Fantasy. Barret is characterized early in Final Fantasy VII as a brash, gruff man with a short temper and a tendency to curse, although his mouth is not as bad as Cid Highwind's. He is prone to firing his Gun-Arm into the air in fits of rage while roaring, particularly after the Sector 7 Slums are destroyed, and this always catches attention of everyone around him. However, Barret's rage is accompanied by a deeper, albeit rarely shown thoughtfulness. Barret later admits to Elmyra Gainsborough that he wants to be with his daughter Marlene and care for her, but at the same time he wants to fight and save the planet, the issue confusing him to the point he gives up trying to explain it.

Bean Bandit from the anime Riding Bean. Bean Bandit, often referred to simply as Bean, is a professional courier, and the driver to call on when you need to make a quick getaway or have a critical delivery of a questionable nature that needs to be made. There are few jobs he will not undertake, but his high price needs to be met.

Bear Walken from the anime Gungrave.A sweeper for Millennion, and one of the oldest members of Big Daddy's inner circle. He stays with the organization after Harry becomes the leader of Millennion for the sake of his daughter (Who is romantically involved with Harry). He is later killed by a resurrected Brandon, after inviting Brandon to his home for a duel to the death.

Biggs from the videogame series Final Fantasy. Biggs is a non-playable character and a member of AVALANCHE. He takes part in the destruction of the Mako Reactors in Sectors 1 and 5. Initially, he is rather rude to Cloud Strife and does not like his "attitude". But after Cloud proves his worth to AVALANCHE, Biggs ends up respecting him. Biggs is killed early in the game, along with Wedge and Jessie, when Reno destroys the Sector 7 tower.

Bikky from the anime FAKE. Bikky was the son of a drug dealer and is taken in by Randy "Ryo". He is fond of Ryo like a father or a brother but hates Dee and the fact that he is trying to make a move on Ryo. Bikky is constantly trying to stop Dee. He is also good friends with Carol, who also hangs around with Dee and Ryo.

Birdie from the videogame series Street Fighter.Prior to his criminal career, Birdie was a professional wrestler, teaming with occasional rival Titanic Tim (from the Saturday Night Slam Masters series) as the "500 Million Trillion Powers." He turned to a life of crime when his wrestling career ended, doing some street fighting on the side to add to his income.

Blackrose from the anime.hack//Games. BlackRose's little brother Kazu was defeated by a Data Bug at Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground and fell into a coma in the real world. Because of this, she embarked on her quest to find a way to revive him. She soon encountered Kite, and after realizing he had the same goal she did, she decided to partner up with him. BlackRose proved invaluable to Kite's mission, helping him in his investigation and arranging meetings with people like Helba, Wiseman, and Lios. Together Kite and BlackRose slowly began to build a team to combat the Cursed Wave and the Eight Phases. This group would later be called the .hackers.

Blue from the anime Wolf Rain.A wolfdog who was pet to the family of Quent Yaiden. After the destruction of her home and family in the village of Kyrios, she travels with Quent hunting wolves under the belief that they were responsible for the tragedy. She lives her life as a pet dog, unaware of her wolf bloodline. Upon meeting Cheza, the wolf in her is awakened. Unable to continue hunting her own kind, she leaves Quent to travel with the pack to Paradise. She grows especially close to Hige, and later tells him she will follow him wherever he goes. Near the end of the series, after Quent's death, Blue is killed by Darcia while trying to protect Hige and Cheza.

Bob Makihara from the anime Tenjho Tenge. Bob Makihara is a young man of South-African descent in Japan, hence most in the series refer to him as "the foreigner". Despite his heritage Bob is depicted as having blue eyes. He is known for his long dreads, and a muscular build (in fact he is one of the most physically strong characters in the series). Little is known about his past, except that his father was a first lieutenant of the U.S. Navy and he met up with Souichiro Nagi during his 2nd semester in his third year in elementary school and started calling themselves the knuckle bombs.[1] His girlfriend's name is Chiaki, and they seem to really love each other. Souichiro is his best friend, and he also appears to respect Masataka.

Boman Delgado from the videogame Rival Schools. Boman Delgado (ボーマン・デルガド Bōman Derugado?) is a student from Pacific High from the United States. He is training to be a preacher, and many of his moves in the games introduce some Christian imagery, mostly crosses.

Bordeaux from the anime .hack//G.U..In the real world, Bordeaux is a 14-year-old girl named Nina Kircheis. Her father is German and her mother is Japanese. When she was ten, her parents divorced and she moved to Toyama, Japan. She has a prideful personality and isn't good at dealing with change, so this part of her life was filled with stress. She discovered The World during her first year of middle school, and used it as an outlet for all the bitterness she had built up inside. She later became obsessed with Haseo.

Bowie Grant from the anime Robotech. Bowie Grant is the gentle, introspective nephew of the late Claudia Grant. He is a sensitive, soft-spoken youth, who has yet to find his place in the world. Like his childhood friend, Dana Sterling, his parents left him in the custody of his god-father, General Emerson, while they joined the forces of the SDF-3 on their sojourn to the stars. Bowie and Dana are like brother and sister. When Dana entered the service, Bowie tagged along and eventually became her aid in the 15th squadront. Bowie is a skilled fighter, although he has no love for war or even physical sport. His true interest is in music. Bowie is a gifted piano played and a fair singer. With this in mind, it seems no wonder that he finds himself attracted to the alien, Musika. A mutual attraction the causes both Bowie and Musika to desert their posts in an attempt to avoid the insanity of war.

Brock from the anime Pokemon.Brock is considered the most mature, wise and level-headed of the main characters, and he is arguably the most intelligent character as well. He often acts as an older brother and caretaker to the other characters and a voice of reason in disputes. He will usually place others before him and will help and support his friends even against his better judgment or at his own expense. While he is not shown to battle often, he can understand the situations and strategies in any Pokémon battle, and often explains them to the other characters, probably due to the fact that he was once a Gym Leader. Brock always carries books and maps with him, and thus is usually the character who knows where the group is headed and what they can do when they get there, though in Advanced Generation this role was mostly taken over by the PokéNav. He also carries a lot of other supplies, such as potions and cookware, as well as practical tools like a brush and pocket knife. He is a domestic, and grooms not only his Pokémon but also those of his friends with whom he travels. He handles all the cooking and cleaning for his friends.

Buccha from the anime Air Gear. Buccha is often characterized as a tank. He attends Higachu Junior High School. He appears to be obese, but his body is only ten percent fat. His size is actually caused by a large amount of blood pooling in his gut from overeating. He also has the ability to manipulate that blood and send it to his muscles, causing him to temporarily have a slimmer, cut figure and even cause his limbs to become longer. He also has a semi-split personality similar to that of Akito/Agito. When not in a fight is simply cares for food and relaxing. But when the topic of battle comes up his other half takes hold, and he becomes a devastating killing machine. He can also dance. While he may look fierce, he is actually a friendly person. He uses brass knuckles-esque gloves in combat, which combined with his superhuman strength is truly devastating. His character design is based on the wrestler Abdullah the butcher note the three lines on his forehead, and his nickname "Buccha". He is a "Power" type rider.

Bumblebee from the cartoon Teen Titans.Bumblebee appears in the Teen Titans animated series as an assertive, highly skilled, and cocky former H.I.V.E. student who was really an undercover agent and had enrolled to infiltrate the facility and learn of their motives and secrets for Aqualad. She had been keeping track of H.I.V.E long before Cyborg posed as Stone. Bumblebee was able to resist Brother Blood's mind control powers eventually the first time; "There's not a man alive who can tell me what to do!" she explained to Cyborg. Her abilities as a H.I.V.E. student entrusted her to Brother Blood, but Blood was shocked to find that she was also a spy when she assisted Cyborg in stopping Brother Blood's latest plan.

Burtuccio from the anime Gankutsou: The Count of Monte Cristo. Burtuccio is one of the Count’s bodyguards as well as servant. Years ago, he almost killed the crown prosecutor Villefort due to a vendetta, but failed. He raised the illegitimate child that resulted in Villefort and Madame Danglars’ affair.

Buzam A. Calessa from the anime Vandread. She is stern and all-business and looks after the general welfare of the crew. A skilled tactician, BC gives orders firmly and decisively. She seems like a workaholic, constantly staying near the bridge to access data and review the crew's performance. During the initial episodes, she is seen secretly taking a small, data disc from the bridge's database, until Magno interrupts. However, her suspicious actions do not seem relevant until the Second Stage, where it is revealed that she is actually the Commander of the Taraak Intelligence, whose real name is Tenmei Uragasumi, a male spy for Taraak. However, in the end, Magno Vivian forgives "her" and retains "her" position as sub-commander, on the provision that "she "stays as BC.