Friday, July 10, 2009


Damont Gant from the videogame Phoneix Wright: Ace Attorney. Damon Gant was the eccentric District Chief of Police from the conviction of Joe Darke in the SL-9 Incident to the events of Rise from the Ashes.

Dearka Elsman
from the anime Gundam Seed. Dearka is a usually humorous and somewhat arrogant pilot of ZAFT's Le Creuset team (later reformed as the Zala team under the leadership of Athrun Zala). He often made fun of Naturals and those whom he deemed to be cowards like fellow elite pilot Nicol Amalfi. He is the son of PLANT Supreme Council member, Tad Elsman. In the Bloody Valentine War, Dearka is the pilot of the stolen Earth Alliance's GAT-X103 Buster and harasses the assault ship Archangel time and time again.