Sunday, July 5, 2009


Narbooru from the videogame The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Nabooru is the attractive second-in-command of the Gerudo. Like most Gerudo, she has red hair and golden eyes. Link, as a child, first meets her in the Desert Colossus; there she reveals that though she serves under Ganondorf, she wants nothing to do with his plans. She promises Link a great reward if he retrieves the Silver Gauntlets for her so she may steal the Gerudo's treasure so she can return it to the Hylians and other races Ganondorf stole from, but she will keep some for herself and maybe give Link half of hers. Nabooru, however, is captured by Twinrova before she can receive the gauntlets, and subjected to the practices of brainwashing that Ganondorf has been researching. Seven years later, Link encounters her again within the Spirit Temple, but this time she is in the guise of an Iron Knuckle serving the evil witches, and he must defeat her. When Link completes the Spirit Temple and defeats Twinrova, Nabooru is awakened as the Sage of Spirit. Link receives the Spirit Medallion from her. It is never said what it was she intended to reward Link with if he gave her the gauntlets, however her final words in the Chamber were: "If I knew you would be such a handsome young man, I would have kept my promise back then,".

Nao from the videogame The World Ends With You. Nao may seem dopey and clueless at times (often adding the word 'like' in an unnecessary amount of times), but she proves herself to be extremely helpful and kind, much like Sota. She can be shy, though, and lets Sota do much of the talking. She is erased by a Taboo Noise in Week Two.

Nurse Joy from the anime Pokemon. In episode 92 of Pokemon there is a tan version of Nurse Joy.