Sunday, July 5, 2009


Lal'C Mellk Mal from the anime Diebuster. The current holder of the top kill score among Topless pilots, Lal'C, along with fellow pilots Nicola and Tycho, is part of the so-called 'Idol' group (pilots with exceptionally high kill rates). She is also the current pilot of Buster Machine Dix-Neuf, the oldest buster machine still in operation. Nicknamed 'princess' by her teammates, Lal'C is outwardly cool and self-confident -- traits that draw Nono's admiration for her, much to her initial annoyance. It is Lal'C who helps induct Nono (with some indirect assistance from Nicola) into the Fraternity as an 'auxiliary member', despite the fact that Nono manifests none of the traits associated with being a Topless.

Laula Bianchi from the anime My-Otome. Lutesia Remus' Otome, the Flowery Splendour Enstati.

Leetah from the comic ElfQuest. Leetah, whose name means "healing light," had led a safe and secure life in the Sun Village before the arrival of the Wolfriders, Leetah grew up knowing few wants or sorrows, protected by the love of family and friends. She used her powerful healing magic to enhance the tranquil lives of the Sun Folk. Her world was changed forever when she first saw Cutter and felt the touch of Recognition. After an extremely rough beginning, she accepted her recognition to Cutter and became his lifemate and the loving spiritual leader to the Wolfriders. She had two children from the recognition, Ember and Suntop

Lisa Vanette from the anime Bubblegum Crisis. Lisa is Chief Todo's neice, a high school senior, and an aspiring news photographer. When she first arrived in MegaTokyo, she got a couple of pictures of the Knight Sabers, including one of Priss without her visor down. Priss was not amused, and she destroyed the camera. Lisa, also not amused, decided to dedicate her winter break to uncovering who the Knight Sabers are, and would have succeeded had she not become friends with Nene, who was supposed to be looking after her.

Lucia from the videogame Devil May Cry 2. Lucia, alongside Dante, is one of the two protagonists of Devil May Cry 2. Lucia is a quick and agile fighter, she uses two ornately crafted curved daggers. Like Dante, she can also Devil Trigger transforming into a demon similar to a bird. Lucia is a member of Vie de Mari, a clan of guardians that have the blood of demons.