Saturday, July 4, 2009


Sailor Lead Crow from the anime Sailor Moon. In the anime, Lead Crow, an agent of Sailor Galaxia, worked under the pretense of being a talent agent for the Ginga TV station named Akane Karasuma. Lead Crow's job was to scout for potential Star Seeds and extract them with her partner, Sailor Aluminum Seiren. Sailor Lead Crow was a tall woman with dark skin and reddish hair. She had wings, but they were only shown a few times during the anime

Sari Sumdac from the cartoon Transformers: Animated. Although Sari is one hundred percent human, she’s an "honorary" Autobot. As the adopted daughter of robotics magnate Isaac Sumdac, Sari lived a sheltered life until she met the Autobots. Obsessed by his work, Sumdac had little time for Sari growing up. As a result, she was raised largely by his domestic robot drones, whom little Sari came to love as deeply as any parent, nanny, teddy bear and/or imaginary friend

Scar from the anime FullMetal Alchemist. Scar is a man with a tortured past and a hatred for all state alchemists. He was thought to be the sole survivor of the Ishbalans, a group of people massacred by the state in the eastern rebellion, until he later encountered a entire village of them. The Ishbalans denounce alchemy, as they believe that alchemy defies the will of God. The military, on the other hand, embraces alchemy, which was sure to cause tensions between the two groups, but that is not what caused the eventual conflict.

Sela D. Miranda from the anime Basquash!.Sela becomes a Bigfoot Basketball player after seeing Dan JD's rampage in an official BFB game. She looks for strong opponents, as she desires a strong man's genes.

Sota from the videogame The World Ends With You. Sota is a punk, and can be intimidating when he wants to be. In spite of this, he loves Nao a lot and is very kind. In some ways, he is similar to Beat's character. After Nao is erased by a Taboo Noise, Sota reassures Neku that her death wasn't Neku's fault before being erased himself.

Spyke from the cartoon X-Men: Evolution. Evan Daniels was born in New York, New York to an unknown father and Vivian Daniels. His mutant powers are first noticed at his high school basketball game by his Aunt Ororo (aka Storm a longtime member of the X-Men), and his teammate Pietro. The next night Storm, along with Cyclops and Jean Grey, approached Evan's parents about his mutant powers and attending Xavier's School. Evan angrily declines on his own behalf and leaves