Sunday, July 5, 2009


Kailia from the anime EL-Harzard. Kalia is a Demon-God discovered by Jinnai in the second OVA. While she seems to share some of the same abilities as Ifurita, her real power is absorbing energy and using it to her advantage. It is unknown if she has the capability of copying the techniques of her opponents; however, she is fully able to collect and conserve energy from one or multiple attackers and reflect that power back at her leisure. Aside from this, she can also absorb and drain energy from living and biomechanical things through the gauntlets on her hands.

Kaolla Su from the anime Love Hina. Kaolla Su is a 14-year old foreign transfer student. She is also a boarder at the Hinata Inn, in room 301.She is from the fictional kingdom of Molmol, supposedly located near the International Date Line, and is the princess of said country. The dot on her forehead seems to have something to do with the 3-eyed symbol of Molmol, though it resembles (indeed, is almost identical to) a bindi dot. She is often barefoot and dressed in nothing else except her heavily altered school uniform in almost every anime episode and manga chapter, or some otherwise scant costume. To top her personality, she is above all extremely hyperactive, usually hugging (or, in Keitaro's case, kicking) someone, trying to eat something, especially bananas and/or Tama-chan, or inventing some potentially dangerous new device. She also has a tendency to snuggle against a person while she is sleeping and usually crushes them while doing it.

Karen Joshua from the anime, Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. The 08th MS Team's tough, abrasive second-in-command and NCO, who was rumored to be the cause of her previous team commander's nervous breakdown. The team's longest-serving mobile suit pilot, Karen is initially underwhelmed by her new commanding officer Shiro Amada. As a former medical student, and the widow of a military doctor, Karen can double as a field medic in cases of emergency. She was addressed as Socho and thus held the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer.

Kei from the anime Pretear. Kei is the Liefe Knight of Light, and is normally seen with the other older knights. He is a very under-rated character, mainly because of his almost girly appearance. He doesn't seem to like Mannen a lot, and like Goh, makes the occasional rude comment and such like dropping him on the ground or being ignorant.

Killer Bee from the anime Naruto. It seems that he demands respect from others and asks to be called "Lord Jinchūriki" (人柱力様, Jinchūriki-sama) and his tailed beast be called "Lord Eight-Tails" (八尾様, Hachibi-sama). He also appears willing to speak in song, more specifically in rap-style, even when confronted with potential threats. He will even stop in a middle of a fight to write whatever rhymes come to him, even if they are no good. This sometimes causes his opponents to become greatly bothered by him. He has a casual relationship with the Eight-Tails,
frequently engaging in friendly conversation with it.

Kirche Zerbst from Zero no Tsukaima. Louise's well-endowed classmate. Fire magic is her specialty—drawn from her strong passion for love. The territory she is from has long since had a dislike for the La Vallière family. She flirts and has dated (and heavily implied in the anime, slept with) many of the academy boys, but falls in love with Saito after seeing his ability. Often her schemes and aggressive invitations for him to sleep with her leads to him getting punished by his master Louise because of her overwhelming jealousy. Her familiar is a salamander called Flame. She was expelled from her last school and was almost forced into a marriage to an 'old geezer' (her words) by her parents

Kitsurubami, Lieutenant from the anime FLCL. Lieutenant Kitsurubami is an attractive young woman on Amarao's staff, In episode 5, Haruko refers to her as being a commando. Amarao makes a pass at her in the final episode, but she resists him. In fact, Kitsurubami seems to be generally disgusted by the idea of romantic inovolvement with Amarao, though she looks up to him as a superior decision-making power and follows his orders loyally. She also seems to become smitten with Canti, despite her initial efforts to attack him. During episode 4, she and two other members of Amarao's staff get nosebleeds when Haruko pulls the Gibson Flying V from Naota's head. In Japan, it's an old wives tale that nosebleeds are caused by arousal, in this case the size of Naota's guitar being a not-so-subtle analogy to penis size.

Koshio Karako aka "Game Fowl from the manga Deaman Wonderland. A member of Scar Chain, a group of Deadmen that oppose the the prison and plan to leak the truth to the rest of the world. Karako loves its leader, Nagi, deeply and fights to help him achieve his dream of freeing the Deamen. She is able to use her Branch of Sin to wrap blood around her body to increase her physical strength while using the Wushu martial art style or defend herself.

Kū Fei from the anime Negima!: Magister Negi Magi. The 12th student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, she is the silly, fun-loving Chinese warrior girl of the class. Although she can appear to be to be an idiot who uses her fists rather than her mind, Kū's fighting skills are top-notch making her one of the more dangerous students in the class. Becoming an early trusted ally of Negi Springfield (as well as a member of his "Baka Rangers"), she also teaches him Kung Fu in order to help him progress in his own training. She is also infamous for her appetite and her obsession with nikuman from fellow "Chinese" classmate Chao Lingshen.