Thursday, July 9, 2009


Elena from the videogame Street Fighter 3. An African princess from Nairobi who uses the fighting style of capoeira. She seeks to make new friends. All of her attacks are kicks, even the punch button attacks.

Ember from the comic ElfQuest. Ember is the daughter of Cutter and Leetah, twin sister of Suntop/Sunstream, granddaughter of Bearclaw, Joyleaf, Toorah and Anatim (Suntoucher), niece of Shenshen, first cousin once removed of Dewshine and great-niece of Treestump, lovemate of Mender, lifemate of Teir. Twelfth chieftess of the Wolfriders and first chieftess of the Wolfrider clan now living on Khulki's Mountain in the New Land. Creative, resourceful, brave, compassionate and forward-thinking, Ember has medium dark brown skin inherited from her Sun Folk mother, fire-red hair and aqua-colored eyes. Her known wolf-friends have been Choplicker and Patches.

Exedore/Exsedol from the anime Macross/Robotech. Exedore is a Zentradi who serves as Domillan (advisor) to Fleet Commander Breetai during their search for Robotech Master Zor's missing battlefortress (later known as the SDF-1). Although still a giant by Micronian standards, he is almost a dwarf when compared to even the average Zentradi. Exedore is the keeper of Zentradi law, lore and history as given to him by the Robotech Masters. It is he that reminds Breetai that one of their directives is to stay away from Micronian civilizations for fear of cultural contamination. Nonetheless, because the Earth humans have come in possession of SDF-1, Exedore has the hapless job of trying to outthink them which proves a difficult task considering the Terrans' inexperience in space warfare makes them nearly unpredictable.